Every bride is bold, beautiful and brilliant. Lian Rokman designed Brilliant 2023 to inspire each bride to find what makes her shine the most.

Mon Amor collection

Lian Rokman’s 2023 collection is inspired by the romantic literature, rich art, and decadent culture of France. To create a unique experience, Lian implements French lace with manually sewn beading and flowers for an artisanal aura to her haute couture gowns.

Monterosso Collection

Each and every gown is a symbol of strength and beauty echoed by every bride-to-be. have you noticed the detailing? it is a luxurious narrative that celebrates contemporary design by offer unexpected detailing to fashion-forward brides. Lian explores the history of design and the aspirations for brides in the future to create a timeline of growth and success.

Wondrous Brides Collection

Inspired by the forward leading women of the world, Lian Rokman’s 2022 bridal gown Wondrous Collection is a combination ultra feminine classic design merged with the modern lens of the quality laces and manually sewn detail. Find your dream gown with Lian Rokman Haute Couture.

Love Story Collection

Our love story begins with ourselves and that is why it is so important for brides to be to celebrate themselves. This collection is the overall symbol of the love story and its endless beauty.

Lindos Collection

Lindos Collection is inspired by the immeasurable beauty of brides from all around the world. Each gown was inspired by individual stores and experiences.

Blooming Paradise Collection

Pulling from wanderlust adventures of global design, Lian Rokman’s Blooming Paradise is a dialogue of quality laces and materials that will make every bride feel like she is in paradise.

Mystic Romance Collection

Lian Rokman pulls inspiration from the alluring and rich history of Greece to create the incomparable Mystic Romance.

Wonderland Collection

Wonderland Collection By Lian Rokman is an eclectic bridal gown collection that explores the wondrous composition.

Lian Rokman

The new generation designer

Lian was born in an artistic family. Her mother, both a designer and a pattern maker, inspired Lian’s love for fashion. So it is no surprise that Lian Rokman was sewing unique designs with her sewing machine, while other girls her age were playing with cute little dresses. By her early teens, Lian was designing and producing a variety of outfits for her friends.