Callie Celebrates Your Bridal Moment In “Quartz” by Lian Rokman

The perfect day is a day that bride should never forget. A day in which every detail falls in place seamlessly. We are so lucky to celebrate Callie’s wedding day.

Callie walked in the "Quartz bridal gown" with a bouquet of white, yellow flowers as well as greenery

 What was your process for selecting your bridal gown?

I remember trying on quite a few dresses. There were so many gorgeous gowns but the second I tried on my dress, I felt this indescribable feeling! 
It was everything I wanted. It fit like it was made for me. It was so sparkly and beautiful and I felt magical in it. I didn’t want to take it off LOL

Can you share more information about your wedding experience during COVID?

My wedding experience was so beautiful. Our wedding ended up being something we planned in 30 days after getting the news that we’d finally be able to reunite after 7 long months of being separated in two different countries due to COVID and border closures. 

As a COVID bride, I faced many challenges including having to push our original wedding date back and then canceling all those wedding plans and planning a whole new smaller, intimate wedding in a completely different place. Even having those obstacles, everything for our big day turned out so perfectly. I was so happy with how everything came together, especially with my wedding dress. I received so many compliments and I’ll forever be happy with my decision.

You survived a pandemic wedding and found your perfect gown. What are you focusing on today? 

Today, my husband and I live in Bermuda with our 9 month old baby girl. After months apart during the height of the pandemic, we really cherish our time and enjoy every moment together.

Thank you Callie for sharing your story! If you have any questions about Callie’s gown or if you are a bride interested in sharing her wedding journey, please contact