Five Thoughts to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing A Bridal Gown · Lian Rokman | Haute CoutureFive Thoughts to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing A Bridal Gown · Lian Rokman | Haute Couture

Five Thoughts to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing A Bridal Gown

1. Length Counts

The perfect length to a bridal gown is the length that fits your bridal needs. Consider a few key points when you purchase your bridal gown:

  • Shoes: It is not uncommon for brides to change their shoe height during the wedding due to a location change or an outfit change. Keep in mind that you might not want to change the height of your shoe.
  • Surface of Ground: Where are you walking around and will it tear your gown? You want your bridal gown to flow effortlessly, right? Before you pick a certain length, consider where you will be celebrating your special day.

2. Sleeve Length

Sleeves can function like an extension of your jewelry. With modern lace and manually sewn detail you will come across sleeves that vary in comfort and mobility.

When looking into sleeve length consider:

  • Will you want detachable sleeves to change up the look of the gown?
  • What will be the weather of that season?
  • What kind of mobility are you looking for?

3. Skirts Style

When you think of your bridal gown skirt, you need to think of what shape you want to showcase on your special day because the skirt frames hip and height proportion. When looking at skirt style consider:

  • Do you want to show your figure or hide your figure?
  • Do you want volume or minimal detail?

4. Neckline

The neckline is a piece of jewelry in itself. The level of comfort will vary by material and movement. When shopping for a certain neckline consider:

  • How conservative would you like your gown to be?
  • What will be the focus of the neckline?
  • How will this affect your mobility?

5. Your Style

We recommend that you follow your gut. You know which gown is the right gown for you, when you explore the designs that you love most. Do not rely on anyone else to remind you that you are beautiful and you deserve to wear what makes you happy.

  • What style do you feel most comfortable with?
  • What material makes you feel elegant and beautiful?
  • What is most important to you in a bridal gown?

Lian Rokman has been designing gowns for over ten years. Her bridal gown designs are curated to individual brides and their personal needs. Learn more about Lian Rokman’s gowns here:

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