Less is More: A look at Lian Rokman’s minimalist designs

Lian Rokman Haute Couture is a hub for bridal design diversity. Throughout her design journey, Lian has implemented signature minimalist designs to underline an eclectic look.
Let’s explore the look:

High neckline sheath gown composed of manually sewn beading French lace.
The sides of the gown contrast with a clean crepe to amplify the detailing on the Elizabeth gown. What do you think about this breathtaking gown?

Off shoulder sleeves form a detailed corset that opens into a voluminous a-line skirt. We love the way the beading climbs this soft corset to create a relationship between the corset and the skirt.Lian Rokman utilizes comfortable material so that any bride can enjoy Daisy

Roxanne is the form fitted sleek gown for the bride that wants  to emphasize her figure without showing off skin. Off shoulder folded sleeves work into a lace detailed soft corset. From the hips, the detailing of the corset returns to a distinct georgette material for a form fitted look. A centered slit gives the skirt a weightless finish. How would you describe Lian Rokman’s bridal gown, Roxanne?

February is a whimsical mermaid bridal gown that offers all the detailing through its bridal silhouette. Off shoulder sleeves work into a v neckline that overlaps at the ribcage to for a detailed look. The deep slit gives February a sensual and ultra feminine finish.

Gorgeous detailing adorns the neckline into cap sleeves. The ornamental detailing sets the stage for dipped neckline and wide open back highlighted by for formitted cut and a regal train.

High neckline mermaid bridal gown adorned with a glamorous golden zipper in the back. The form-fitted gown accentuates the female figure by highlighting the hip to waist. This jaw dropping looking is a weightless design.

A two for one look. Iceberg is the elegant boho bridal feel with the Lian Rokman quality. A long sleeve, high neckline lace and floral top with a slide slit skirt adorned with faux buttons.

International bridal gown designer Lian Rokman has been redefining bridal gown look and feel with high end collections formed from exclusive detailing. Her unique approach is inspired by individuality and by the empowering world of femininity. If you are looking to try on a Lian Rokman bridal gown please email info@lianrokman.com