Nava Ghalili’s Poetic Bridal Journey

Lian Rokman is grateful to share Nava Ghalili and Blake Wuorenma journey from love to wedding day. Every bride has her own story and we celebrate those stories because they showcase diversity. Nava and Black’s story recants a tale of diversity, compassion, and familial importance. We wish them only beautiful moments in their journey together

Nava adorned with is sheer veil as she stands alongside her husband Blake on their wedding day. Behind Blake is a blurred background.

Not just a fairytale

We didn’t have a fairytale life prior to meeting each other. My book of love read a series of tragedies ending in heartbreak and Blake’s read a series of disappointments and hurts. I think I had given up on love a minute before I saw him. There he was at a resort in Mexico, smiling at me from across the room. We were both there for separate weddings, celebrating others’ loves. I stopped believing in love at first sight but when we spotted each other, smiled and laughed…we both knew this was different. A small-town Wisconsin boy and a wanderlust city girl.

She Planned Her Wedding In 2.5 Months

Blake moved from Wisconsin to where I was in California after a few months of dating! We dated for just a year before he bought me the rose gold diamond ring of my dreams, with every penny of his savings. And we knew we couldn’t wait to start our lives with each other. Everyone said it was impossible to plan a wedding in 2.5 months. But we did it. We did it gracefully, with hope and it turned out perfectly, just like our love.

Love is not exclusive to the bride and groom

It was so very important to Blake and I, that all our loved ones could feel our love and let our day further enrich their own love in their lives. Each guest received a rose gold key (the key to our hearts) and a handmade book of interfaith quotes and prayers on love and growth.

Love in the face of intolerance

We are Bahai’s so we believe in all Faiths and religions and found a way to incorporate ALL spiritual faiths in our ceremony of love, especially at a time when there is so much intolerance in the world.

My Bridal Look

I wore one of my favorite designers, Lian Rokman. I paired with my bridal gown  a pair of Valentino shoes reminiscent of a classic Cinderella look. I designed my own wedding cape instead of a veil to create a whimsical touch to our wedding day.  On the lace of my bouquet hung “something blue” in the form of a picture/pendent of Blake’s Grandparents who could not be there with us (given to me by his sister Jennifer). I also wore a handmade crystal and lace garter to showcase my support of women owned artisanal businesses on my wedding day.

Giving Back On Our Wedding Day

Since I was 13, I have advocated for both human rights and education of children since I was 13 years old. On our wedding day we decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to the Mona Foundation which provides scholarships to girls who need funding to attend school. Blake, is just as passionate about the equality between men and women, we worked hard to find a sentimental and beautiful way to walk down the aisle. We thought to support the boys Acapella group was a great way to show the importance of men singing in support of this sentiment of the education of women too.

Memorable Moments 

We chose a menu of foods from around the world to celebrate our guests. We chose a rose gold cake…red velvet for my husband and pistachio with rose water for our Persian family

An incredible 11-piece jazz orchestra from Georgia played Frank Sinatra tunes into the night outside in our garden wedding reception. My dad stole the show with a personalized rendition of Frank Sinatra. Our favorite songs played while beautiful messages recorded by friends and family that could not attend played in the background.

Our Hope

Most importantly so many shared that they had never been to such a magical a wedding and it was because of the evidence of our deep love and sincere vows that we exchanged in the gardens.  Our friends said that after this wedding they felt they could believe in real love again…and that fairytales in some ways are possible.

We want our love to be proof that it’s possible to have all you ever dreamed of. We have strangers watching our wedding video from around the world and writing to us and telling us our love gives them hope.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Part of the journey is recognizing the details that led to our perfect day. 
Wedding Location: Oheka Castle, New York 
Dress: Lian Rokman I had only 2.5 months of engagement to find a dress…This stunning Lian Rokman dress was the first dress I ever tried on…it was one of my favorite bridal designers and I had no idea that the Bridal attendant at the store brought it to me. Both my mom and I knew it was the one the minute I put it on. I thought it can’t be that the first dress I try on I buy…so I tried on many others but nothing captured the innocence of our love and the unique details of our lives that this dress represented. It was so intricately laced and designed and since we were marrying in a garden…the florals on the dress felt perfect. So many said the dress was “so you”…and so beautiful unlike any they had ever seen.
Shoes: Valentino | Cape/Veil: I designed the cape myself! | Event Design: also myself. | Band: Equinox Jazz Orchestra travelled all the way from the Sweet South, Savannah Georgia, to play some Frank Sinatra for us outside the castle! | Acapella Choir for ceremony: Dukes of Yale University | Ceremony: In the Castle French Gardens under the Gazebo | Wedding favors: Handmade books filled with quotes and prayers on….”Love”…together with a rose gold key to the castle for our guests that flew from all over the world. | Reception: Outside under the fairy and bistro lights (The castle does not usually allow for outside receptions…but we made it happen) | Garter: Handmade Garter with crystals.
Bios: Nava Ghalili-Wuorenma: The Emmy-nominated journalist, Film/TV/digital producer, and actress is a leading youth empowerment activist (since the age of 13) and became one of the youngest news anchors in the history of American Television. She is a youth radicalization and extremism expert who speaks internationally and consults on moral and service-oriented empowerment through the spiritual education and human rights of children and youth. She also serves as a social impact consultant for public figures, companies, and institutions.
Blake Ghalili-Wuorenma: For over 5 years, since graduating college Blake Ghalili-Wuorenma has devoted himself to the innovation of an aging construction and Real Estate industry. Utilizing technology to streamline operations, leveraging new organizational structures, and seeing all projects and revenue streams through the lens of social impact. With the help of co-owner and Chief Impact Officer , his wife, Nava, together in one year have started and built a company with strong moral ties to over 15 employees (BIPOC) and contributed to over 10 different nonprofits on behalf of completed projects while also serving companies like Apple, Boeing, and Target. As the CEO of Solstice Building Group Blake hopes to continue to grow the company and revolutionize the way we see building, through the lens of social impact, eventually to emphasize every spiritual aspect of the physical built space; from family’s homes to multibillion dollar organizations our aim is to be inclusive to of all society

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