The new generation designer

Lian Rokman established Lian Rokman Haute Couture as an international brand dedicated to the global bridal narrative. With more than ten years of bridal design, Lian pulls inspiration from both the classic and the modern lens of wedding gown looks.

Every collection is governed by the brand mission: elevate every bride’s journey by creating a memorable bridal experience. All Lian Rokman gowns are designed by Lian Rokman herself. Lian’s method is pure couture because she strives for a unique and elegant bridal experience.

After flying to France to pick out manually sewn applique and laces, Lian Rokman develops silhouettes manually by playing with the materials. All detail is chosen with the intention of creating a wholesome bridal gown look for every bridal look. With more than ten years of bridal experience, her exceptional philosophy is shared with dedicated boutique owners that work around the clock to support brides in their bridal needs. Explore which boutique is nearest to you here

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