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Less is More: A look at Lian Rokman’s minimalist designs

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Lian Rokman Haute Couture is a hub for bridal design diversity. Throughout her design journey, Lian has implemented signature minimalist designs to underline an eclectic look.
Let’s explore the look:

High neckline sheath gown composed of manually sewn beading French lace.
The sides of the gown contrast with a clean crepe to amplify the detailing on the Elizabeth gown. What do you think about this breathtaking gown?

Off shoulder sleeves form a detailed corset that opens into a voluminous a-line skirt. We love the way the beading climbs this soft corset to create a relationship between the corset and the skirt.Lian Rokman utilizes comfortable material so that any bride can enjoy Daisy

Roxanne is the form fitted sleek gown for the bride that wants  to emphasize her figure without showing off skin. Off shoulder folded sleeves work into a lace detailed soft corset. From the hips, the detailing of the corset returns to a distinct georgette material for a form fitted look. A centered slit gives the skirt a weightless finish. How would you describe Lian Rokman’s bridal gown, Roxanne?

February is a whimsical mermaid bridal gown that offers all the detailing through its bridal silhouette. Off shoulder sleeves work into a v neckline that overlaps at the ribcage to for a detailed look. The deep slit gives February a sensual and ultra feminine finish.

Gorgeous detailing adorns the neckline into cap sleeves. The ornamental detailing sets the stage for dipped neckline and wide open back highlighted by for formitted cut and a regal train.

High neckline mermaid bridal gown adorned with a glamorous golden zipper in the back. The form-fitted gown accentuates the female figure by highlighting the hip to waist. This jaw dropping looking is a weightless design.

A two for one look. Iceberg is the elegant boho bridal feel with the Lian Rokman quality. A long sleeve, high neckline lace and floral top with a slide slit skirt adorned with faux buttons.

International bridal gown designer Lian Rokman has been redefining bridal gown look and feel with high end collections formed from exclusive detailing. Her unique approach is inspired by individuality and by the empowering world of femininity. If you are looking to try on a Lian Rokman bridal gown please email info@lianrokman.com

CRISTINA DUNCAN- A Panama Fairytale

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Billie Genovese takes our breath away with her bridal photos. This gorgeous designer selected Lian Rokman to celebrate her wedding day.
What is her journey and why did she choose Lian Rokman Haute Couture?

Introduce Yourself:

My name is Cristina Duncan. I am 35 years old from Panama.I got married in January 12 2019 in Panama at the American Trade Hotel with a beautiful Pavo Dress

Why did you choose the Pavo Bridal Gown?

I purchased my dress at Gaudi Novias in Panama. I knew what I was looking for.I was 33 at the time so I wanted something elegant but sexy. My wedding took place during summer with a rooftop civil ceremony wedding following a ballroom reception. 

I only tried on 2 dresses and I fell in love with Pavo right away.

At the store they gave me the option to modify it directly with Lian Rokmans team so they sent my dress and got it back a few months later exactly how i wanted it

 What is a beautiful moment?

My dream dress represented me and our wedding in every sense. Age, and style appropriate.  I was getting married at 33, bit “late” for our latin culture standards haha, I was officially becoming a stepmom of 4 beautiful children who I love with all my heart. During the ceremony I read out my vows to my husband and the children. It was a very emotional and special moment for everyone

Tell about where you are today:

Right now almost 3 years later I’m happily married and a mother of one beautiful baby boy

General Info


Bridal Store: Gaudi Novias Panama

Husband: Manuel Morales 

Wife: Cristina Duncan @cristydub

Hair and Makeup: Roger Montenegro @rogermontenegro3

Photography: Rodrigo Garcia @rodrigogarciastudio

Video: Sunrise Media @sunrisemediawedding

Venue: American Trade Hotel Panama

Decoration: Cuchi&Cristina @cuchiycristina

Wedding Planner: Judy Amado  @judyamado

Bride and groom holding hands on the alter. Bride wearing a bell shaped mermaid bridal gown. Groom wearing a dark maroon tuxedo.

Exclusive: Entrepreneur Billie Genovese’s Boho Chic Wedding Day | A Bridal Gown Dream Come True

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Billie Genovese takes our breath away with her bridal photos. This gorgeous designer selected Lian Rokman to celebrate her wedding day. What is her journey and why did she choose Lian Rokman Haute Couture?

Bride and groom holding hands on the alter. Bride wearing a bell shaped mermaid bridal gown. Groom wearing a dark maroon tuxedo.

Why did you choose a Lian Rokman gown?

For my gown, I knew I wanted something unique that would incorporate multiple looks. I found exactly what I was looking for in my Lian Rokman gown! My mermaid gown has a long train and beautiful bell sleeves. I love the femininity the laces and off-white color lend the dress. Not only is it gorgeous, but it was so comfortable to wear

What can you share about your wedding experience?      


My wedding experience was stressful! It was held in Los Angeles right after a huge fire had burned through the area, so everything was a bit charred. I stressed so much about my wedding day but, when I look back on it, I realize it has been one of the happiest moments of my life. I couldn’t be happier with the family my husband and I started creating that day

Groom kissing Lian Rokman bride on alter. All wedding attendees standing

 You mentioned you are an entrepreneur! Tell us about your work.

I am the owner and designer at MASONgrey, a Los Angeles based luxe loungewear company. As someone familiar with material and fashion, I admire Lian Rokman’s ability to marry the materials and designs the way she does.


What piece of advice can you share with brides to be

I would like to share a couple of pieces of advice with brides-to-be: don’t settle on a dress – it’s one day to look and feel absolutely amazing! – and make sure to cherish your wedding day. It goes by so much more quickly than you think it will, so I would recommend simply enjoying it as it unfolds

Bride to be on the dance floor with her partner. Long sleeve bell shape sleeve. Bride smiles at her partner and holds his left hand.

Stop by Billie Genovese’s MASONgrey site to support this wonderful artist 
www.masongreyla.com | instagram: @masongreyla

Model looking over her shoulder while wearing a whimsical, low open back Lian Rokman bridal gown adorned with manually sewn detailing.

Lian Rokman Haute Couture’s A-Line Bridal Gown Evolution

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Haute Couture bridal gown designer Lian Rokman has advances our notion of a-line bridal gowns, a classic wedding gown look, by applying her unique approach to lace and detail application. Each majestic look is custom measured for every bride to be to feel confident on your wedding.

Model looking over her shoulder while wearing a whimsical, low open back Lian Rokman bridal gown adorned with manually sewn detailing.

Any bride will tell you that A-line wedding gowns are one of the most comfortable cuts for bridal gowns because these gowns are structures for both definition and flow of material. Lian Rokman has always kept the international bride in mind by using quality laces that are both light and comfortable in order to accommodate brides in different wedding venues. With summer weddings rapidly approaching, we wanted to showcase Lian Rokman’s A-line evolution. Each collection shows a distinct theme within the A-line bridal gown design.

Cristina is a strapless soft corset a-line gown adorned with manually sewn flowers and 3d detail. This luxurious design, like all of Lian’s signature wedding gown designs, is both decadent and light weight for every season wedding. No bride can go wrong with a classic.

Princess is a dialogue between lace and ornamental detail. An illusion top of lace garnishes the neckline as it forms into thick straps that work into a unique waist line. From the back, this bridal has an illusion open back with floating pearl buttons. From the hips, the voluminous skirt opens into vibrant folds that create additional movement to the design.

Who said that a bride does not need glam? Opal is the glam of all halter top bridal gowns. The top piece of this wedding gown is a composition of vibrant beading that opens into a deep neckline. From the hips, this gown opens into a voluminous skirt adorned with compiled laces.

Magnolia is an eclectic composition of decadent lace that forms an adorned halter neckline. From the hips, this empowering bridal gown showcases folds that give a touch of drama. Contact info@lianrokman.com to see this gown in person.

Feels like a gown from a fairytale: Soft corset lined with 3d flowers work into off shoulder straps. From the shoulders, this sweetheart neckline opens into a regal skirt with an effortless flow. This is a soft pink bridal gown from the fairytale bride.

Enchanting immersion of love with in modern design. This gown is composed of a soft corset, paired with detachable sleeves which offer a malleable look that is complimented by two extraordinary laces and an additional layer of tulle. In reflection of the intricate journey that leads to the perfect day, Lian applied a combination of manually sewn detail with in the layers of intricate laces to highlight the distinct story of every bride-to-be.

Regal feel comes from the play of intricate lace and detail in this long sleeve form fitted top that contrasts to a beautiful a-line skirt.

This is a queenly kind of gown for bride that wants to emulate modern romance in her wedding day.. Off shoulder straps open into a soft corset with a slight plunge. From the waist, the gown opens into a fluid skirt. Float down the aisle with detail that celebrates your bridal journey.

Single sleeve soft corset a-line adorned with highly glamorous detailing and an uncomparable finish. This gown is the regal bride that wants to make an impression as she walks down the aisle.

Celebrate your royal self with Phoebe’s a-line bridal gown. Captivating lace lines the soft corset bridal gown for a finishing touch. The form fitted top of the wedding gown opens into a structured skirt with an incredible finish.